Germination process of GME Remittance Nepal initiated when a visionary business-orientated group of Non-Residential Nepalese (NRN’s) stepped collectively forward to invest and assist Nepalese emigrants and their families all over the world. It is a budding international money transfer company established in 2012, with an authorized license to activate country level investment through its presence in Nepal (GME Remittance Nepal) & South Korea (GME Remittance). This current network is in..

Company History

  • 2012


    • Our company was incorporated with initial capital of NPR 20 Million.

  • 2013


    • We went live with operations.
    • Branches launched in Hong Kong & United Kingdom.

  • 2014


    • International alliance with Japan Remit Finance (Japan) & TML Remittance Center (Malaysia).
    • Dealt in aggressive branding.
    • Domestic business started becoming fruitful.

  • 2015


    • Smooth increment in number of agents.
    • International alliance with Aftab Currency Exchange Ltd (UK).

  • 2016


    • Strong domestic payout network.
    • National alliance with National Co-operative Bank Ltd.

  • 2017


    • New management took control.
    • International alliance with Merchantrade Sdn Bhd, GPL Remittance Sdn Bhd, Max Money Sdn Bhd, Mobile Money International Sdn Bhd, Valyou Sdn Bhd, & Sunman Global Express Corp.
    • National alliance with Kumari Bank Ltd, Global IME Bank Ltd, Everest Bank Ltd, NMB Bank & Sanima Bank.
    • Made possible first private to private merger in Nepal by acquiring Yes Remit.