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GME Remittance Nepal is an established performer in the remittance industry of the Himalayan bed. Having made a significant mark in the industry since 2012, we are a multi-faceted conglomerate being promoted flourishingly by a segment of Non-Residential Nepalese (NRN’s), vested in several prospered communities across the globe.

Establishing a secured and an integrated system, furnished with trustworthy and attuned servers, GME operates to deliver copiously dedicated channels in order to make the transfers of funds and related information steadily successful in real time. The strength of its network lies in the company’s 6200 payout facilities in Nepal’s 14 zones and 75 districts, which are still on the move to increase at a good pace. Along with this, a currently developing international network is pushing the brand’s name to cross borders and to explore new arenas of the remittance industry, globally. To supervise this positive growth there is a dynamic board, members of which have years of substantial experience in the much conversant field of remittance and related businesses. A highly experienced management team, specializing in remittance industry with years of quantifiable experience also ensure to accomplish a rich and corporate working set up and to provide customer satisfying services.

With operations focused on the highest level of customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing smooth and swift remittance services to its customers. We assure that our functional processes are both accessible and reliable to the content migrant workers and their respective families back home.