GME Remittance –

GME Remit join hands with Al Mulla Exchange to offer seamless and Instant Cross-Border remittance Payment solutions to Nepal.

We at GME Remit are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Al Mulla Exchange, leading Remittance and Money Exchange Co. in Kuwait, to allow Nepali migrants to make seamless and secure remittances through their wide branch network across Kuwait as well as through their Mobile Remittance App.

About Al Mulla Exchange.

Al Mulla Exchange is founded in 2001 and are regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait. Al Mulla Exchange is a part of Al Mulla Group ( , Kuwait and are led by strong values of integrity, transparency and trust. In this short period of operations, they have grown to a network of 110 Branches across Kuwait, and they enjoy the trust and loyalty of more than 1 Million active customers. They are also known for making innovations in the remittance space on continuous basis.

About GME Remittance

GME Remittance Nepal, is one of the fastest growing company and an established performer in the remittance industry of Nepal. Having made a significant mark in the industry since, 2012. The company is incorporated under the Nepalese Company Act and has been given the required authorization and License by the Foreign Exchange Management Department of the Central Bank of Nepal, (Nepal Rastra Bank) with a capital of NPR 253 Million. 

About Partnership

The partnership between GME Remit and Al Mulla Exchange will benefit the increasing number of Nepali diaspora living and working in Kuwait. Nepalese migration continues to increase as workers seek greater economic opportunities in abroad. In this quest, Kuwait is one of the important migration destination for Nepalese migrant workers. The partnership between GME Remit and Al Mulla Exchange will help foster new opportunities which could strengthen the payment ecosystem from Kuwait to Nepal. Both the brands are determined to make the process of cross-border remittances more affordable and reliable for the Nepali consumers. The partnership will also help strengthen the financial bridges between Nepalis residing in the Kuwait and their families back home. Nepali customers can now send money back home from Al Mulla Exchange through GME Remit within all the payout ecosystem be it Cash, Bank & Mobile Wallet.

  1. Cash Over Counter – Beneficiaries in Nepal can receive cash from the wide payout network of GME Remit with over 25,000 plus payout facilities across Nepal.
  2. Bank Transfer – The money sent to any Bank & Financial Institutions will be credited in Real Time barely taking 3 – 5 seconds.
  3. IME Pay Mobile Wallet – The money can also be sent directly to IME Pay mobile wallet.

We look forward to continuing the partnership with Al Mulla Exchange and broadening our reach into new markets.