Vision – “To be a leading & distinctive remittance service provider in Nepal by the year 2022” delivering quick, easy, secure and reliable remittance services throughout the country. With envisioned and ceaseless efforts, we desire that all stakeholders get gratified and pocket commercial results every time they engage with  GME’s products and services.

Mission – To be able to fetch and cater the needs of the wide segment of immigrants and provide exemplary financial services specializing in money transfer needs through state of art technological interface and thereby ensuring to meet the expectation of all concerned with impeccable, transparent and refined remittance related services, to be one of the most preferred and chosen remittance provider in the country.

Values – Our core set of values encourage us to adhere to the work culture we function in and imparts every member working with us to follow them meticulously. In order to achieve a consistently successful working environment, we collectively foster the generic values we hold onto.

Good Corporate Governance: GME comprehends the fact that each business entity requires earning the trust and assurance of its customer, and primarily through productive propelling of an upright corporate governance can this be effectuated. It helps the company to align together the interests of corporation, its people and the society they breed in.

Corporate Social Responsibility:
 Both society and the environment deserves disciplined behavior in and around and GME follows an ethical give and take modality when concerned with both these worldly entities. The company knows how to work towards the path of improving the society and the people in it, by enhancing the quality of life in distinct ways and also by integrating both company’s and its personnel’s goals together to adapt to a multi-stakeholder’s approach of CSR.

Quality: GME and its employees believe in how “quality is not an act, it’s a habit” thus, all services and their related processes are handled in a qualitative manner so that all customers acquire good graded results in all aspects, at all times.

Integrity: Un-paralleled moral uprightness is what a fiduciary industry like remittance demands and GME as a brand, strongly approves of the same. True success can only be engendered by sincere means and in relation to this, expected ethical accuracy can be witnessed being practiced in all the services offered by the company.

Teamwork: Individuals who can work together as a team for the common goal of providing an effective service achieve better results. It is easier to get powerful together and GME is equipped with such collaborative and cooperative teams which work jointly as one big unit for concerted ambitions.

Transparency: GME advocates implementation of an open work culture where both, work related communication and personal opinion at work matters upmost. Communications are fostered both up and down the hierarchy keeping in mind the best of service delivery to the customer, at all times. Thus, no secrecy is preached as all the proceedings are performed with utmost honesty.

Empowerment: GME entrusts motivation in all its employees by giving them a healthy working environment with training, tools and guidance, in order to make them perform their respective tasks with supreme zeal and confidence, knowing to keep their customer’s interest in priority, always.

Respect: Respect for the work, for co-workers, for commitments and especially for the customers is one core value that is diligently fostered by GME.